The Simulated Environment for Theatre (SET) is a 3D environment for reading, exploring, and directing plays. Designed and developed by a multidisciplinary team of researchers, SET uses the Unity game engine to allow users to both author and playback digital theatrical productions.

American Society for Theatre Research and Theatre Library Association 2012
With Kathryn Harvey of the University of Guelph Archives, we're looking forward to delivering "Is There an Archivist in the Sim? Literacy as Agency in a Post-positivist, Mixed-media Virtual Theatre Archive".

SET goes to SDH/SEMI for Congress '12
We're looking forward to delivering "Control Freaks: An Iterative Story of Designing a Scholarly Theatrical Environment in 3D".

SET and Queen's Men Editions at Queen's University's "Come Together: Digital Collaboration in the Academy and
Beyond" conference...
Our paper "Virtual Collaboration Across Time and Space: Substance and Citation" asked how SET can bring theatre history and textual editing together in digital editions of early modern English plays.

SET goes to Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE) 2012
We're looking forward to delivering our paper "Soulpepper Theatre's 2011 Revivals: Reproducing and Redefining the Canadian Theatre Canon" in Washington, D.C. this August 2012. Our paper considers how a virtual archive can account for the material conditions that alter and reinvent our understanding of the Canadian theatre canon.