The Experimental Reading Workshop is an ongoing, open-ended research and design project collectively led by faculty, students and staff. Many of its members meet bi-weekly to discuss innovations in the analysis, display, and reception of text and graphics through technology. Membership is open, and new members may bring existing projects, or ideas for projects, into the Workshop for comment and support. The ERW was founded in 2003, and currently operates under the umbrella of the Text Analysis Portal for Research.

Featured Projects

Simulated Environment for Theatre

Simulated Environment for Theatre

The Simulated Environment for Theatre (SET) is a 3D environment for reading, exploring, and directing plays.

Watching the Script

Watching the Script

Watching the Script is an environment for watching and blocking plays textually.

Mandala: Rich Prospect Browser

Mandala Browser

The Mandala Browser is a flexible data browser for nuanced criteria.

Delegate Browser

Delegate Browser

The Delegate Browser is a rich-prospect browser for conference attendees.

Delegate Browser

Multilingual Thesaurus Visualizer

Multilingual Thesaurus Visualizer is a visual query enhancement system to support multilingual retrieval.

Watching the Script
Mandala: Rich Prospect Browser
Delegate Browser
Coming Soon
Coming Soon


  • » Karl Anvik
  • » Matt Bouchard
  • » Oksana Cheypesh
  • » Ian Craig
  • » Gerry Derksen
  • » Alejandro Giacometti
  • » Sandra Gabriele
  • » Lisa Given
  • » Darren Harkness
  • » Eric Homich (Founding Member)
  • » Michael Lewcio
  • » Constanza Pacher
  • » Andrew MacDonald
  • » Drew Paulin
  • » Matt Patey
  • » Mike Plouffe
  • » Harvey Quamen
  • » Milena Radzikowska
  • » Jennifer Roberts-Smith
  • » Johnny Rodgers
  • » Ximena Rossello
  • » Stan Ruecker (Chair, Founding Member)
  • » Andrea Ruskin
  • » Bess Sadler
  • » Anthony Sapp
  • » Ali Shiri
  • » Stéfan Sinclair (Architect, Founding Member)
  • » Kirsten Uszkalo
  • » Maryanne Wynne
Watching the Script
Mandala: Rich Prospect Browser
Delegate Browser
Coming Soon
Coming Soon


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We gratefully acknowlege the support of SSHRC, NSERC, CFI, Killam Trust, Mellon Foundation, Winspear Foundation, McMaster and the UofA.
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